Sheetrock/Drywall Repair Houston, Texas

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Sterling Drywall Repair, LLC sheetrock patches
AFTER Sterling Drywall Repair

“Sterling Drywall Repair, LLC” is a full service sheetrock repair company. With 50 plus years of experience, our pros are 2nd to none at making your repairs/patches undetectable or nearly undetectable. Also we will make your problem go away by completing other tasks related to your sheetrock damage, such as: insulation replacement, rotted, broken or termite damaged wood replacement, trim replacement, painting, wallpaper removal & other tasks needed to keep your project from dragging on contractor to contractor. We will “Get The Hole Job Done”. Sterling Drywall Repair uses the same professionals for every project. All of our technicians have been with us for years.

 You Can Send Us Pics Of Your Damaged Sheetrock For Your FREE Quote

Email To: ( or Text Message To: (832-366-7050) pics of  your sheetrock damage to speed up the process. Most of the time we can give you an accurate quote & get you on the schedule the same day this way. If we cannot give you a quote through pics, we will be glad to come look at your project in person for your FREE quote.

  Why Choose Sterling Drywall Repair, LLC

  1. Sterling Drywall Repair, LLC patches & most repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own your home.
  2. Sterling Drywall Repair, LLC is a member of the Better Business Bureau, with an A+ rating.
  3. Sterling Drywall Repair, LLC has earned over 250-5 star reviews.
  4. Sterling Drywall Repair, LLC uses the same professionals for every project we do.
  5. Sterling Drywall Repair, LLC operates with the highest integrity.
Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper removal can be an incredibly frustrating and dirty job. There are many DIY tools on the market that make wallpaper removal look easy, and you can try removing old wallpaper yourself. However, you will discover that it is not such an easy job after all, and calling in a professional crew from Sterling Drywall Repair, LLC will save you a lot of grief. Plus, we can complete the project for you by texturing the walls to match whatever texture you already have in your home after the wallpaper is removed; & the painting the walls after they are textured. This way you can unload the whole project on us.

Contact Sterling Drywall for a quote, or upload the picture of your damaged area for the quickest quote.