Drywall Repair Houston, Texas

Sterling Drywall Repair in HoustonHave you been looking for reliable and professional drywall repair in Houston? Expert sheetrock repair is critical to address damage caused by physical impact, water leaks, or that dent in the wall you made when you moved that big sofa to the other side of the room.

Some commercial or residential drywalls are built with cheap materials that can degrade quickly over time. Instead of spending more on replacing all your drywall, call Sterling Drywall Repair in Houston, TX, for a consultation on how to repair only those areas that are most in need.

Sterling Drywall Repair provides premier drywall repair service with over 45 years of professional experience in Houston, Texas.

Sheetrock repair doesn’t have to be super expensive or frustrating. We offer free consults in a variety of options: – home consultation, email, text messaging, or phone calls.

Our team provides top-notch service

Our team comprises the most professional and dedicated tradesmen who use only the highest quality paint and products. Sterling Drywall Repair, LLC is a member of the Better Business Bureau, with an A+ rating.

Send us images of your damaged drywall

You can send an email with images of the hole in your wall or damage you want repaired to give us useful information about your job. This will speed up the consult quote process, and we can get your job finished faster. Sterling Drywall Repair offers a beautiful customer guarantee, and we serve both commercial and residential properties.

Why Choose Us for Plaster Repair Houston?

At Sterling Drywall Repair, we believe that fixing walls is just one part of the process. Repairing sheetrock is an incredibly detailed job. We oversee and handle most all additional tasks that arise from each job that we do. Examples of some of these additional jobs might be insulation replacement, painting, replacing damaged wood, replacing damaged trim, and removing old wallpaper.

Our drywall repair technicians are well-versed in matching different drywall textures. The result is that each patch becomes almost entirely invisible to the naked eye. The work we do is an art; we match color and texture and take great care that the fixed area matches the rest of the wall. This is the kind of commitment we apply for every drywall repair task we are hired to fix.

Wallpaper removal

It can be an incredibly frustrating and dirty endeavor. There are many DIY tools are on the market that make wallpaper removal look easy, and you can try removing old wallpaper yourself. We bet you will discover that it is not such an easy job after all, and calling in a professional crew from Sterling Drywall will leave you much happier.

The Benefits of Affordable Drywall Repair Houston
  • Drywall is recognized as one of the most prevalent building materials, and it’s used in practically all current construction projects. Before drywall was developed, the bulk of structures used plaster walls. While there are several drywall alternatives, such as plaster, standard drywall offers more advantages than any.
  • Longevity and Durability – Drywall is often more durable than plaster, which is more prone to damage and is more challenging to repair, and it is a relatively simple material to fix.
  • Drywall Repair is Easier Overall – In comparison to traditional plaster, repairing drywall is significantly easier and faster; it takes less time to dry, and it usually does not require repeated applications.
  • Drywall is Fire-Resistant – Drywall is a fire-resistant material, meaning it will prevents fire from spreading quickly, potentially saving your business or house in the event of a fire.
  • Drywall Offers Great Insulation – Drywall is an excellent insulator, so this is a perfect option if you’re seeking to save money on your power bill.
  • Address your drywall damage as soon as possible to save you money as complications could accrue if you let it go on for too long.
Contact Sterling Drywall for a quote, or upload the picture of your damaged area for the quickest quote.