Drywall / Sheetrock Repair

If Your Patches Are Done Correctly

NOTHING Should EVER Happen To Them

“Get The Hole Job Done”

Unexpected emergencies or sometimes just daily life, the ceilings & walls in your home go through a lot; such as: HVAC leaks, plumbing leaks, roof leaks, nails from hanging pictures, cracks from home settlement, huge cracks from having pilings installed under your home, holes from repipe, etc…

Sterling Drywall Repair can put your home back together. Sterling Drywall Repair pros are 2nd to none @ making your drywall patches & drywall repars blend in to your ceilings & walls.

Drywall patches & repairs, although it may seem easy enough, takes years of practice to learn how to match textures & blend patches/repairs in to your ceilings & walls. This is one of the few areas where online videos will not help you. Incorrect drywall repairs & patches, no matter how small, can leave you with bulging areas, rougher/incorrect texture at the patched/repaired area, can be a real eyesore. Sterling Drywall Repair has over 50 years in the sheetrock/drywall business

Also, Sterling Drywall Repair will make your entire problem go away by completing other tasks related to your patches & repairs; such as: damaged wood replacement, insulation replacement, trim replacement, painting, & many other tasks to keep your project from dragging on contractor to contractor.

With Sterling on the job, our customers regularly tell us their home was left cleaner than before the patch ever happened. Clean, professional and our patches are guaranteed for the life of your home. That is the Sterling difference.

Contact us today for a free consultation and your drywall repair problems will be a thing of the past.


“Sterling Drywall Repair did an exceptional job in fixing an uneven and unfinished drywall in my home and painted not only the repaired area but also the whole living room with ceiling. They completed the work very professional and fast, leaving everything very clean. Oscar and Cameron were so wonderful to work with and integrated all my additional big and small wishes without delay. I loved that it took only a few days from contacting the company to have the project finished at a reasonable price. I was very satisfied with the job done and would hire them again for future projects.”

– Renate Schnell
A before and after picture of the same room.

Pipe wall repair

Celling wooden wall


Corner Room





Divider Wall

Guest Bedroom

Living room before after