Removing wallpaper yourself will be the most fun you’ve never had in your life!

HOMEOWNER: This morning, I began to tear off the wallpaper in my guest room. As I was pulling I began to see that the top layer of the sheetrock was coming off with it! I sprayed it with more water and scored it lightly with a sharp blade and it was still peeling the top layer of drywall with it. Was the wallpaper installed incorrectly by the previous homeowner? What do I do now? I need some advice before they come to install the wooden floor. Help!
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Sometimes Hiring A Pro Is The Only Way To Go

Wallpaper removal can be an incredibly frustrating and dirty job. There are many DIY tools on the market that make wallpaper removal look easy, and you can try removing old wallpaper yourself. However, you will discover that it is not such an easy job after all, and calling in a professional crew from Sterling Drywall Repair, LLC will save you a lot of grief. Plus, we can complete the project for you by texturing the walls to match whatever texture you already have in your home after the wallpaper is removed; & the painting the walls after they are textured. This way you can unload the whole project on us.

As with our drywall patches, our wallpaper renovation/removal projects are guaranteed for as long as you own your home.

You might have found a YouTube video about DIY wallpaper removal. You might have been successful in removing the wallpaper yourself. Then you realize that the glue you are dealing with is some tough stuff; like it came from some tree sap on Mars or something. No matter how much you soak the wall with wet rags or spray, that glue does not peel off. As you try to scrape it off, you begin to see that you are slowly damaging your drywall, not to mention little scraps of wallpaper still sticking to the wall in places. And look at that mess on the floor. Somehow the project has gotten bigger than when you started out. It may be time to hire a professional.

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“They must have used super glue from Mars for the wallpaper in my house. I’m damaging the drywall. Any advice on really really tough wallpaper removal?”

Get your wallpaper removed professionally. Save time, energy, and the regret of damaged drywall.

There are many types of wallpaper (Liner Wallpaper. Also known as lining paper, this type of wallpaper is made from paper or fiberglass. …
Printed Wallpaper. This type is commonly used and available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. …
Vinyl Wallpaper. …
Foil Wallpaper. …
Flock Wallpaper. …
Mylar Wallpaper. …
Bamboo Wallpaper.), and a variety of glues that get used on them. Some wallpapers have been up for many years. The professionals from Sterling Drywall Repair are familiar with the variety of glue/paper combinations, how they work, and how to deal with them. They will get the job done and  you will be pleased with the results (read our reviews).

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You can easily send photos to us of the wallpaper job you have in mind. Visit our contact page. We can take a look and usually give you a quote right over the phone!


Disadvantages to removing wallpaper yourself:
  • You’ll have to get special tools and equipment that you'll only only use once.
  • Removing glue can be difficult.
  • You could inadvertently ruin the drywall with nicks and gashes. (making your project more difficult and expensive.)
  • You could damage your baseboards or the floor or carpet.
  • It is tedious and messy work.
Why You Should Hire Sterling Drywall Repair To Do Your Project
  • We are quick.
  • We are efficient.
  • We have experienced professionals that have completed hundreds of wallpaper removal projects.
  • We will texture your walls to match the existing texture you have in the rest of your home.
  • We will paint your walls with your choice of colors.
  • We will leave your home as clean or cleaner than it was when we arrived.
  • We guarantee our workmanship & materials for as long as you own your home.
Painting the walls after wallpaper removal

If you are planning to remove the wall paper so you can apply a fresh coat of paint, you need to be sure your wallpaper is removed properly, and your walls are primed and ready to receive their paint job. Sterling Drywall Repair technicians are experienced with wallpaper removal, and can absolutely help you prepare your walls to be paint ready, and they’ll leave the job site clean. The professional paint job will be money well spent, and you won’t have to call for help when your paint starts to peel from painting over leftover wallpaper glue from your DIY effort.

We do good work, and clean up afterwards.

Questions and Comments and Answers

Yes! Sterling Drywall Repair can get rid of excess wallpaper glue, and bring your walls to where they can be painted easily.

Our technicians can come in and prepare the gashes, nicks and tears on your sheetrock, and make your drywalls ready to receive a handsome paint job. Call for a FREE quote 832-366-7050

That sounds very unappealing. ; ) The quicker you call us, the quicker that situation can be made right again. Call Sterling Drywall Repair for a FREE quote 832-366-7050

Old trick: If you toss some cooked spaghetti on the wall and it sticks, there is some glue still left.

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