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Transforming a home in Houston, TX, often starts with removing outdated or damaged wallpaper. Sterling Drywall Repair, LLC provides a comprehensive wallpaper removal service that includes matching the textures in your home and painting your walls after they are textured, thereby increasing the value of your home. It’s crucial to entrust this task to our professionals at Sterling Drywall Repair, LLC, as DIY attempts can lead to costly wall damage.

Detailed Wallpaper Removal Process

The process begins with an initial inspection and preparation of the area. Sterling Drywall Repair, LLC considers the type of wallpaper, the adhesive used, and the wall condition. This detailed assessment allows the team to choose the most effective approach for each project.

Specialized tools and techniques are then used to remove the wallpaper, applied meticulously to achieve the best results. The team ensures a thorough job, leaving no residue behind.

Once the wallpaper is removed, Sterling Drywall Repair, LLC will prep the walls for whatever drywall finish you choose & painting your new textured or smooth walls with whatever color & type of paint you choose. Once your walls are painted, we will dispose of all debris & clean all mess in work area.

Choose Sterling Drywall Repair, LLC

Opting for Sterling Drywall Repair, LLC’s wallpaper removal service means choosing top-notch quality and efficiency. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and superior workmanship.

Whether you’re revamping a single room or an entire property, Sterling Drywall Repair, LLC is equipped to handle all your wallpaper removal needs. Reach out to us today for a consultation and start your home transformation journey with confidence.

Removing wallpaper yourself will be the most fun you’ve never had in your life:

Wallpaper removal can be an incredibly frustrating and dirty job. There are many DIY tools on the market that make wallpaper removal look easy, and you can try removing old wallpaper yourself. However, you will discover that it is not such an easy job after all, and calling in a professional crew from Sterling Drywall Repair, LLC will save you a lot of grief. Plus, we can complete the project for you by texturing the walls to match whatever texture you already have in your home after the wallpaper is removed; painting the walls after they are textured; & replacing all of the items you/we have to take off the walls. This way you can unload the whole project on us: and as with our drywall patches, our wallpaper renovation/removal projects are guaranteed for as long as you own your home.


“Sterling Drywall responded to my online request immediately, arrived when they said and did a great job removing wallpaper, textured and painted 2 bathrooms. Very professional from start to finish. I highly recommend them.”

– Gayle Stover
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Sterling Drywall Repair Pros have removed acres of wallpaper throughout the years. We know exactly how to complete your wallpaper project without damaging the sheetrock & then having to spend twice the time preping & texturing it.

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